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Society and Institutional Development

Society and Institutional Development functions

 1. Personnel Management and Monitoring:                                         

  1. Appointment and Termination Community Proponent Member                                         
  2. Managing Appointment of Kafa Teachers and Supervisors                                      
  3. Provide Foundation Course for Kafa Teachers                                               
  4. Conduct Supervision and Monitoring Kafa Class                                           
  5. Monitoring the examination of KAFA Class Assessment Test                                                 
  6. Coordinating Kafa Program Implementation, Al Quran and Fardu Ain
  7. Supervise the Community Proponent Activity                                         
  8. Providing Program’s Periodic Report

 2. Appointment Coordination:                                    

  1. Parliament Coordinator                                             
  2. State Assembly Coordinator                                    
  3. Mukim’s Administrator                                             
  4. JKKKP Chairman                                          
  5. JKKKP Secretary           

 3. Appointment Supervision:                                        

  1. Religious Prominent                                    
  2. Dakwah Officer

 4. . Managing the implementation of Ummah Development Program                                        

  1. Hosting and perform the Ummah Development Program
  2. Accepting homily invitation                                           
  3. Executing ‘Muzakarah’ and ‘Taklim’ ceremony                                          
  4. Holding Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony                                                 
  5. Holding the celebration ceremony of Islamic Grandeur Days
  6. Supervise the Gotong-Royong Program
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