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Our Structure

1. Introduction

Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan Kelantan (JPPK) was established on 1st January 1991. The establishment was to takeover tasks and roles of Kelantan State Development Office as the main coordinating and observing agency, engaging the federal development projects within State of Kelantan. Moreover, KFDO establishment intended to ensure the proper control upon federal projects started from planning to perfectly managed project appraisal. KFDO was directly accountable to the Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister’s Department.

2.Organizational Structure



This office is led by a Director assisted by 2 Deputy Director which are Development Deputy Director and Technical Deputy Director along with a Head of Senior Assistant Director.


In order to execute tasks and programs, KFDO has 7 divisions and 10 District Development Offices:



Management Division


Finance Division


Special Division


Implementation and Supervision Division


Society and Institution Development Division


Information Technology Division


Technical Division


There are 10 District Development Offices (DDO) operated regionally which led by a District Development Officer.

  1. Kota Bharu District Development Office(DDO Kota Bharu)
  2. Pasir Puteh District Development Office (DDO Pasir Puteh)
  3. Tanah Merah District Development Office (DDO Tanah Merah)
  4. Pasir Mas District Development Office (DDO Pasir Mas)
  5. Kuala Krai District Development Office (DDO Kuala Krai)
  6. Bachok District Development Office (DDO Bachok)
  7. Machang District Development Office (DDO Machang)
  8. Tumpat District Development Office (DDO Tumpat)
  9. Jeli District Development Office (DDO Jeli)
  10. Gua Musang District Development Office (DDO Gua Musang)


3. This office has 225 positions which are

     223 positions

    212 appointments

    013 vacancies

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