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  1. What is Project Monitoring System II (SPP II) and which organizations involved in its implementations?
    SPPII is one of the electronic government applications under the MSC flagship. The project started in 1999 and was officially launched on May 8th 2001 by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. Implementation Coordination Unit, Prime Minister Department (ICU JPM) was entrusted with the development of the system. SPPII covers the entire process of project development and implementation under the Malaysia Five Year Plan (RMLT).Other central agencies involved in the development of SPPII includes Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Treasury, Department of Accountant General (AG) and Public Works Department (JKR). All Ministries and agencies with development expenditure are the main users of the system including State Department and District Offices as the monitoring agencies at state and district levels.
  2. Who are SPP II Users ?
    SPPII users consist of all ministries and its relevant agencies that involve in implementation and monitoring of RMLT development project.
  3. What are the channels available to log problem related to SPPII ?
    Problems can be reported via Call Centre System or telephone to 1MOCC (03-8000 8000) for further action by SPPII Administrator.
  4. What are the projects monitored by SPP II ? 
    SPPII monitors Federal Government development projects under the 5 year Malaysia Plan (RMLT) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) which approved by Economic Planning Unit (EPU).
  5. Is SPPII accessible everywhere?
    SPP II is accessible at locations that have Putrajaya Campus Network (PCN) and 1GovNet.

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